EDITORIAL: A journalist rants / This Week In The News


I’m a journalist, as a journalist it is my job to find out facts and then tell you about them. In a small change (and now I have my own radio show), I am also going tell you what I think, don’t worry though it’s only once a week (on a Friday, this is it by the way. It’s not news just me talking about the news).
It has been quite the week for news though. Some weeks things are not that busy on the news desk, and others things are insane. It has been “one of those weeks”…
Last year I had @realDonaldTrump on Twitter alerts so that I could respond as soon as he tweeted something. Now I have him on mute (and believe me, I wish we all did at times). It doesn’t work though, I know when he has tweeted because several of the “BREAKING NEWS” accounts I follow immediatly spamming me with the things he has said…

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