My Work

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These are some examples of my work across radio, TV, online, print and social media:

Live from the scene of the London Bridge attacks:

Interviewing a witness of the London Bridge terror attack:

Talking on a UK radio station on the about the UK being criticised over its role in US rendition.

Reading the top of the hour news live on a London based DAB station.

Live outside the new US Embassy, following Donald Trump’s announcement he wasn’t coming to the UK.

Live reporting from the scene of the Parsons Green terrorist attack

An update an hour later on the Parsons Green terrorist attack

Appearing live on CTV (Canadian TV) from the scene of the London bridge terrorist attack

Reporting live from the G20.

Video of a demonstration that descended into violence (this video was used by most UK news outlets and many international ones)

Speaking on the radio on the subject of Brexit and the pharmaceutical industry

Live on national radio speaking about China’s New Silk Road

My works as a Broadcast Journalist (newsreader)

I can also write things.

Ranging from hard hitting news

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To reviews

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Also, this happened, earning me the title “super-journo”

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