Mobile Journalism

In this modern era the way journalism works is changing. I believe that we all carry a newsroom in our pockets on a daily basis.

Social media has become a part of everyone’s lives. It’s  also a place we all go to for news, traditional newsgathering methods are slow when compared to mobile journalism.

I’m an experienced mobile journalist and trainer.

Journalists are now using phones as newsgathering devices.

Previously a reporter needed a notebook, camera, audio recorder and other equipment. Now that can be replaced with a smartphone.


With the right training and knowledge a smartphone can replace the need to carry around heavy equipment with a much smaller and more efficient kit.

I’ve taught mobile journalism to a range of reporters from experienced hacks to journalism students. If you want to find out more about mobile journalism, drop me a line.

One journalism student said: “£27,500 in tuition and I learnt more practical skills in 10 days with you than in 4 years of my degree.”

Mobile Journalism means you can do anything, from anywhere.


Mobile Working